Various accomodation choices are available through upcoming Zoo webshop and from our partners.

Choice 1: Quiet sleeping area away from all that nasty grinding noise & blinking lights. “Bring your own mattress and linen” area is located in 3rd floor inside the main building. This accomodation option is included in your party entrance ticket.

Choice 2: We have campus style dormitory lodging available for 116 sleepers, divided in 1-2 persons per room. **Some rooms share the toilet/ shower with room next door.** All room corridors have their own kitchen area with basic appliances. This accomodation option will be sold through Zoo webshop

Choice 3: Hotel Sointula. Cozy 18 room hotel is located in the courtyard of the Orivesi Campus, less than 100 meters away from the main & party hall buildings. This accomodation option will be sold through Hotel booking site

Choice 4: Sleeping in your car.