Doors open on Friday at 17:00. The doors close on Sunday at 14:00.

During the party you can come and go freely. Sleeping accommodations are accessible 247.

Saturday dinner and breakfasts are served in the main accommodation building, 30 meters from party hall. Supper is served in Cafe Zoo, inside the main party building.


Parking in party area is free. Designated places are shown with signs. We cannot promise electricity for campervans and partylocomotives.

Sauna and Showers

Showers are available for your use during the party. Wood heated sauna is located behind the party building. Access to both sauna and showers is via main party hall. Check for schedule for sauna:hot hours.


The party place offers electricity, tables and seats. We have more than enough reserve capacity for computer places, but please specify the size of your gear when buying tickets. Bringing your C= equipment is highly encouraged! A computer place is sized for a C64 and a laptop. If you plan to bring large amounts of C= gear and consequently need more table space, please let us know in advance. We’ll sort it out. We can secure you one (1) electric socket with current budgeted for a C64 with usual peripherials and a laptop. Take your own extension cord with you.


There’s not going to be designated partylan wireless or wired network. That is, using your own 4G access point is a good idea.

Food and Beerverages

We offer servings for both carnivore and herbivore (ovo-lacto-veg) party animals. Breakfast and supper are included in the partyticket and are served daily. Saturday dinner tokens are available at the Zooshop. All dishes have low-lactose and glutein free options.

We will serve complimentary coffee and tea, soft drinks and snacks.

You can bring your own food and soft drinks at the partyplace. We have a microwave oven for your use.

There are supermarkets, grill kiosk, a bakery and a couple of kebab-pizzerias within 100m range from the party place.

Inside the party place there will be a licensed bar. Bringing your own alcohol drinks inside the main party building is prohibited.

Smoking is allowed only outdoors at the designated area.