The Jungle Drum Beats!

01/07/2024: ZOO Shop is open! You can purchase your ticket to ZOO 2024 C64 Demoparty now and make sure you get everything you need. Also accommodation options are available, as well as big pile of brand new ZOO merch that you can pick up at the party. Let the shopping frenzy begin at

ZOO Shop does not require account (and it has nothing to do with the Partyman account). Note that rooms in Hotel Sointula are SOLD OUT and so are our 1 person rooms, so act fast if you want sleep comfy.

Registering with Partyman is required however for few reasons: 1) You need it for uploading your awesome entries. 2) You need it for voting. 3) You need it to get your awesome ZOO 2024 ID badge preprinted and available at the infodesk. 4) Don’t forget to show your name in the visitors list, what better way to encourage your friends to come! So remember to register at

16/05/2024: ZOO is looking for sponsors to make our 2024 party great again. Sold your gaming company?Robbed a bank? If interested, drop us a message or mail ( and for further information check out our official sponsorship document here.

10/05/2024: Registration for ZOO 2024 is now open! Let’s get it on and head up to the signup page. Check who is coming with you from the Visitors page.

Following the huge success of ZOO ’22, get ready for the next episode – the long awaited ZOO 2024!

ZOO has been the main event for the Nordic C64 Scene for many years now and we will not lift our foot from the pedal but quite the opposite, it’s now full throttle to make ZOO 2024 the best there has ever been.

With pedant Finnish mentality we put our hands on every detail to make it an experience you should not miss in any circumstance: Compos, beer, food, bar, grill, games, sauna, stream, rooms for accommodation, spoken program, live music, massive sound system, grandstand and jolly atmosphere.

Anything else needed for a perfect weekend?

What you can do now, is to make room in your calendar for 1-3 of November and start planning your trip to Finland. Keep yourself posted for more information to come! Note that Hotel Sointula rooms are at the moment fully pre-booked for Zoo. You can’t reserve them yet, but they will be available for booking later on.

Meanwhile we have very special treat for all you monkees with help from our dear friends at Gorbat Soft. It will premiere at Revision video/animation compo and goes viral right after the competition.